Mid Century sideboard / Scandinavian style sideboard

Tomasz, 12 april 2020
Mid Century sideboard / Scandinavian style sideboard

Mid Century sideboards / Scandinavian style sideboards

FRISK sideboards - custom-made modular furniture

Mid century sideboard
Mid century sideboard

Sideboards FRISK are pieces for special assigments. Designed in the Mid Century style, they will fit well in various spaces - their universal look can be perfectly combined with minimalistic as well as vintage or completely contemporary arrangements. They will fit perfectly in a small room, they will look great in a spacious living room. All this is due to the modular design, as well as various variants of the size of this furniture.

Sideboards - their layout depends on you!

We offer two main sideboard models: 690 with two boxes, each 69 cm wide and 460 with three boxes, each 46 cm wide. These products are based on legs that are compatible with FRISK Mini bookcases. Thanks to this, you can easily combine both products, creating unique arrangements tailored to your needs!

Mid century sideboard
Mid century sideboard FRISK 690 IV

The biggest advantage of our dressers is the variety of options. By choosing the sideboard 690, you'll be able to choose from 6 different box layouts. Do you prefer classic, symmetrical furniture? Choose a variant with two cabinets or drawers. If you prefer irregular forms - you will definitely like products in which we combined open cabinets with standard cabinets.

Mid century sideboard
Mid century sideboard 460 I

Sideboard 460 with three boxes offers even more possibilities. 7 different layout options make this furniture perfect for offices, bedrooms or living rooms. Depending on the type of arrangement you want to achieve – go for classic or unusual forms. Combine drawers with cabinets and create unique solutions.

When choosing FRISK sideboards, you can always change the box layouts as well as expand furniture with additional boxes. Taking care of the quality of our products, we impregnate them with the highest quality matt oil available in four colors: natural / transparent, oak, acacia and ebony. By deciding to buy our products, you not only get a guarantee of the highest quality, but also that this furniture will serve you for years and will develop along with your ideas!


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