Mid-century sideboards - 5 iconic sideboards worth knowing

Tomasz, 6 june 2020
Mid-century sideboards - 5 iconic sideboards worth knowing

sideboard wood
plywood sideboard

Mid-century sideboards - 5 iconic sideboards worth knowing

sideboard plywood
wooden drawers

High, low, with drawers, with shelves, with ornaments and in a minimalistic style - sideboards not only provide us with storage, but are also great decorative elements for living rooms and bedrooms. Mid-century sideboards have all the most characteristic features of the vintage style: they are durable, functional and aesthetic. What did the well known sideboard designs from the 1950s and 1960s look like? How do they inspire the modern designers and manufacturers? We have prepared a summary for you.

Mid-century style sideboards, just like the bookcases designed according to this post-war concept, were highly durable and ergonomic. That is why they work so well also in the contemporary living rooms, bedrooms, offices and hallways. Thanks to them, we gain space for storing small items that we do not want to display. Moreover, the functionality of these pieces is combined with their very aesthetic and effective look.

What did the early mid-century sideboards look like? Here is a list of five different pieces that we have prepared for you.

Paul McCobb - Credenza # 1509

Wooden sideboard
Paul McCobb

McCobb, American designer, created this characteristic mid-century sideboard in the 1950s. The piece consists of six deep drawers mounted on four narrow, conical legs. Thanks to them, Credenza # 1509 is gaining lightness, although at first glance it appears to be quite a massive sideboard.

Greta Magnusson-Grossman - Glenn of California sideboard

wooden sideboard
Greta Magnusson-Grossman

The next mid-century sideboard on our list was also designed in the 1950s. Its author is the Swedish designer Greta Magnusson-Grossman. Her piece is a wide chest of drawers, made of beautiful walnut wood. Please note the round aluminum handles, which contrast with the fairly dark color of the wood - they were the hallmark of the Swedish designer.

Highboy sideboard created by Lane Furniture company

chest of drawers
Lane Furniture company

This high sideboard was designed in the United States in the 1960s. This piece of furniture was also made entirely of walnut wood. However, the designers abandoned the use of aluminum handles and thanks to this Highboy sideboard delights with simplicity and true craftsmanship.

Victor Wilkins - Modern Teak Lowboy sideboard

Chest of drawers
Victor Wilkins

This sideboard by the British designer was made of teak wood. A shapely "body" with four deep drawers was placed on narrow, high legs. What draws our attention are the carefully carved drawer handles that make the piece look simply beautiful.

Edmond J. Spence - a long sideboard with eight drawers

Mid century sideboard
Edmond J. Spence

This very interesting sideboard by an American designer was created in the mid-20th century. Edmond Spence's piece was also made of walnut wood, but with a slightly different coloration than the two earlier mentioned mid-century sideboards. The most interesting element in this piece is the front - the individual drawers create an interesting effect of irregular texture. Thanks to this, Spence's furniture is unique.

Frisk sideboards - our take on classic mid-century sideboards

plywood furniture
Mid Century sideboard

The functional sideboards that we create combine all the best features of the mid-20th century design. Our pieces are light and at the same time extremely durable. Additionally, the ability to personalize many elements means that everyone can create a piece of furniture tailored to their individual needs. Frisk sideboards can stand as independent elements, but it is also worth remembering that they can be successfully combined with other furniture in the Frisk system - with bookcases, cabinets, display cases, desks, or upholstered furniture. And all this to make your interior beautiful, functional and one of a kind.

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