Delivery time


How do we process orders in Plywood Project?

1. Time needed for order execution.

The delivery time in PLYWOOD PROJECT is 4-6 weeks.

After accepting the order and booking the payment, we are starting to work on the order.

If you would like to change the color of upholstery fabric or wood please let us know in the "Add comment to the order" when finalizing your order.

2. What is the deadline for completing an order consisting of several items?

If the order consists of several pieces of furniture, the delivery date is set individually and depends on the number of pieces to be produced.

3. Is it possible to change the dimensions of the furniture so they fit in the room perfectly?

If you need a piece of furniture for which we need to change the dimensions of our existing piece, we take it as a separate project that requires new design and technical details. Redesigning the furniture requires the same process as creating a new one because it must meet all technical and aesthetic requirements. We determine the price and delivery date on a case by case basis.

4. Do we design custom-made furniture?

In addition to the production of already designed furniture, we can design furniture especially for you! If you like our style and our plywood furniture and would like us to design a special furniture series for you for any space, it is also possible. Such project will be priced separately and delivery time will be determined accordingly. In such cases we will be dealing with a more complex process but we are very happy to take on challenges!


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