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We are proud to present our first modular furniture system FRISK FURNITURE. Furniture from the Frisk collection has already appeared in many of your homes perfectly fitting in your private as well as commercial spaces. The possibility of customizing furniture: matching colors and sizes are solutions that have given you more flexibility in arranging your spaces. At this point, the idea of ​​expanding furniture to a modular furniture system was born. We created the first Frisk furniture with the idea of ​​designing a simple, convenient to assemble system that allows you to furnish each room according to your own concept. The base of the system are side legs / panels. It is on their basis that we have the possibility to create any shelving configurations as well as closed cabinets by installing doors and drawers, etc.

Thanks to the Frisk Furniture system we are able to arrange every space in an apartment, office, library, etc. In addition to the basic legs/panels and shelving system we also design single pieces of furniture essential for and depending on a given space.

Key features of the FRISK FURNITURE system

  • the system is very simple to plan and assemble. The individual elements of the system: legs, shelves, modules can be freely configured to create functional and impressive interiors.

  • 3 heights of legs / panels leading from the ground up

  • the system can be freely modified and expanded to the sides. It is also possible to create closed furniture by installing cabinet doors and drawers, etc.

  • side legs/ panels perfectly fulfill the role of book support

  • shelving system is a perfect idea for both a small and a large library or office, where you will place your books, materials, documents, office equipment, etc.

A few words about the technical aspects of the Frisk Furniture system

Frisk Furniture is based on three sizes of legs / panels with the same depth but different heights. The depth of the shelves decreases upwards, ie P1 is 40 cm deep and the highest shelf P7 is 25 cm deep. The Frisk Furniture shelving system can be turned into wardrobes, sideboards, cabinets, etc by adding doors and drawers. Additionally, a desk can be integrated in the legs/panels of the FRISK systems. We also designed single pieces of furniture, including upholstered, that complete the room. These include armchairs, sofa, coffee table, bench as well as free-standing sideboards, cabinets, bookcases and desks.

Below is a drawing of side legs/ panels, shelves and built-in modules.


Maxi, Midi, Mini - legs that can be used as part of the Frisk Furniture system

P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7 - assembly place for individual shelves and their dimensions - depth x width (eg P1 40 cm x 46 Slim/69 Standard cm)

Example of FRISK furniture system:

Delivery time

The execution time of the sets depends on the number of components. Based on the elements used in the set, we determine the exact time of completion; it is between 4-6 weeks.

Customizing the size and colors to suit your needs


We give you the choice of several color options for wood finishing. At the moment we offer the following colors: cognac, acacia, oak, teak, ebony, transparent white and clear oil (below photo shows the offered colors). Please take into account the fact that the colors may slightly differ from the sampler.

Customize the size of the furniture / set

It is also possible to change the size of the furniture so that it will fit into the dimensions of your interior. Then we design a set for the given dimensions. Such a project is individually priced and the execution time is estimated based on the size and complexity of the project.

In addition to the above-mentioned customization, we are also open to your ideas and suggestions.

If you would like to modify our system or suggest a new configuration, please contact us with your own proposal: or +48 609 767 553


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