Sideboard FRISK Kids Low

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Sideboard FRISK Kids Low  

The inspiration for creating our chest of drawers for children was the pedagogical teachings of Maria Montessori, the Walfdorska school, and the observation of the development and needs of our own children.

Equipment for a child's room should create safe, favorable conditions for independent action, development of the child's imagination and motor functions. Equally important for a child's development is learning to organize items in his immediate environment.

Our chest of drawers has been designed in such a way as to make it easier for children to put down and carry items. Adapted to the child's height and equipped with drawers, it arouses a natural curiosity in children and allows them to separate items on their own.

One of the greatest advantages of our furniture is its modularity. The boxes in our shelves can be mounted, and if necessary, they can be easily removed and leave the chest of drawers alone.

A very important aspect of children's furniture is their safety. We made sure that our furniture is stable and has rounded edges and rims, so that children can freely explore and learn about their functions.

For the production of furniture, we use the highest quality birch plywood, which we finish with ecological oils, which additionally affects the comfort of use and safety of the youngest. Aesthetic furniture with a simple form as well as materials and accessories inspired by nature will make the child's room not only functional and nice, but above all interesting for its young and curious resident.

Technical details of Sideboard FRISK Kids Low

  • material: birch plywood
  • wood finish: matte oil
  • height of the chest of drawers (side legs): 64 cm
  • width: 143 cm
  • depth: 40 cm
  • body height: 27 cm boxes: 2 drawers
  • delivery time: 4-6 weeks

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